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Ok, here is the deal.  These are a few Oakland A's items I took pics of.  If you are in search of something specific that you don't see pictured here, please email me, and I'll do my best to get a pic of it at the next game I go to.  When you see what you want, email me and I will send you my address and total amount.  You must send me a money order in the amount plus priority shipping (which I believe is $3.85 for up to two pounds).  I will not buy any items until I receive the money.  I have tickets to the following games: July 29, Aug 18, Sept 1, Sept 13, Sept 14, Sept 20, Sept 21, and Sept 22.  I will probably go to other game, but these are confirmed.  I will not be making any trips JUST to buy items.  If shipping comes to more than quoted, I will require that money BEFORE I ship items.  When sending me your "order" please include specifics (exact item, player, size, color).  Returns will not be possible!!!! Sorry to sound mean, but I'm trying to do this as a favor, but I don't want to get swindled on the whole deal! Ok, on to the items!

I didn't get prices for any of the kids stuff, but if you really want some of it, I'll check when I go on Monday. Email me and I'll take a look at prices then.  That goes for any other items you are interested in me pricing or photographing as well.


Player bats...

Mulder, Zito, Hudson, Chavez, Dye

Player bats

Player jersey shirts back

Adults: $22 M-XXL

Kids: $18 S-XL

(sm women can fit kids sizes better!)

Player jersey shirts front

Players: Hudson, Mulder, Zito, Chavez, Koch,

Dye, Long, Hernandez...I think that's it!

I heart...

Huddy, Zito

ladies sizes S-XL


I heart...


ladies sizes S-XL


Kiddie clothes

Cutest shirt EVER!  Kids sizes...

may fit small women!

Sized like jersey shirts.  

Kidddie stuff!

Kiddie stuff!

Kiddie stuff!