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Anderson serves up flashback

By Don Ketchum

The Arizona Republic

March 2, 1999

TUCSON - Diamondbacks left-hander Brian Anderson picked up where he left off in 1998 during the club's first intrasquad game of the spring.   As one of the starters, he had good control but couldn't keep the ball in the yard. Newcomer Greg Colbrunn sent a solo shot deep to left field that landed near the top of the grass berm at Tucson Electric Park.

In 1998, Anderson tied Colorado's Pedro Astacio for the National League lead in home runs allowed with 39, and 26 of them were with nobody on base. Despite the flashback, Anderson said he felt good while throwing two innings in the near record heat that covered in the mid-80s. His fastball was buzzing a bit faster than that, Manager Buck Showalter said. "It seemed to have more pop to it than last year," Showalter said.

Anderson agreed. "I think I am a little faster," he said. "I did a lot of work during the off-season. I cut down on the body fat a little and feel stronger, so hopefully, that will help."

It wasn't a fastball that Colbrunn hit, Anderson said, but a change-up. "It was over the plate but down, and he went and got it," Anderson said. "He's a good hitter. He makes good adjustments."

Another adjustment that the burly Colbrunn will have to make is in his handshake as he rounds third base, according to third-base coach Brian Butterfield.

"It was a little weak, but I'm sure it will get better," Butterfield said. "Next time, I want to feel it for a couple of days."

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