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Playoffs Are When Fun Begins

Diary by Brian Anderson

Diamondbacks pitcher

Oct. 5, 1999

We're finally here.

We clinched the National League West Division championship in San Francisco and that was a lot of fun, but now the real fun begins.

I was in the World Series with Cleveland in 1997, and when I left there to come to Arizona, I always wanted to get back to the playoffs. But never did I think that it would happen in the second year.

I guarantee you everybody has an extra hop in hisstep. You want to get to the park super-early.

These are the most exciting games on the planet. I don't know how big the games are on other planets, but this is definitely the biggest here.

There are a few of us who have been to the playoffs before, but a lot of guys haven't. I'm looking forward to seeing the look on their faces when they come in today, see their reaction.

When the playoffs come, there's always a thing about people asking you for tickets. We get them, but we have to buy them beforehand, so the only one I got was for my wife, that's it. Sorry, but if you don't already have some, you'll have to find a great seat at the local pub.

There will be a lot of people in the media coming in from all over the country. It will be good national exposure for the players and the organization.

It's true that the team spent a lot of money to get better players in here, but there are a couple of other teams that stand out that had big payrolls that were on the bottom looking up. So spending the money doesn't necessarily guarantee you anything. Does it give you more of a chance? Yes, but you still have to go out and earn it on the field, and we did. Our front office made some good trades, too.

There's a lot to be said about team chemistry.

From the start, in spring training this year, this team just seemed to fit together, like guys who have come all the way up from the minor leagues at the same time. There was a feeling of closeness. The more we were together, the more we got the feeling that something like this would be possible.

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