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Cox Praises D-Backs Pitchers

By Pedro Gomez

The Arizona Republic

Oct. 27, 1999

NEW YORK - The Diamondbacks may have been eliminated in the first round of the National League playoffs, but their strength, the starting pitching, gained more attention Tuesday night from one of their biggest admirers.

Atlanta Manager Bobby Cox, asked if he had ever faced a rotation as difficult to master as the New York Yankees, mentioned his own and Arizona's as the pre-eminent staffs in the game today.

"Well, they're here for a reason," Cox said of the Yankees rotation. "They've got great pitching. The one pitching staff that can probably match is ours and maybe Arizona, with Randy (Johnson), (Omar) Daal and maybe (Brian) Anderson in there, (Todd) Sottlemyre and also (Andy) Benes. That's a pretty good pitching staff. But (the Yankees) is probably the best and ours."

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