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Anderson Interview

* Q-How do you feel when you hear people cheering for the visitors?

* Answer-(BA)- Well, when we're on the road, I feel pretty good about it becasue they are cheering for us. here, you realize that Arizona is a state where lots of people move from other big cities, and you understand that is going to happen, but you never feel good about it.You want people to come back here and root for the Dbacks. this is Arizon'a team and we want to fill with as many as of our fans as we can, when you hear that athough you know itz coming you hope that our people cheer louder and drown them out.

* Q-How do you feel when an umpire makes a bad call on you?

* A-It doesn't bother me too much. I relize that they are human beings and they are going to make mistakes. It's funny when an umpire makes a mistake and he comes up to you and says," look I blew that call." You have a whole lot more respect for that guy than an umpire that takes the attitude that," I've never made a mistake, and I'll never admit to a mistake." We all make mistakes so when they make a bad call you move on. You could let it affect you and you could get too wrapped up in the bad call and you lost concentration for the next hitter or two. So you relize it is part of the game.

Q-What are your thoughts before a game?

A- I better win. Before a game some guys like Randy Johnson and Todd Stottlemyre get very tense and focused. I, on the other hand, take a little bit more light-hearted approach. If I get too tensed up like that, I think it affects my performance more than it does theirs. I get too tense. I need to be loose. There is a serious time when you are getting ready for a game, getting focused on the lineup you're going to face and how you are going to pitch to them. You just want to realize that when you go out there you are playing a game and you are supposed to have fun. Although you are trying to help your team win and do your best, you still want to go out and have fun.

Q-How important is it to you that your teammates are also your friends?

A-I think that is big. It is big for a team like this. I've played on teams where you've got good teammates but you're not really friends with them. I think the closer you are as a team, the better you play on the field.I think that is a direct correlation. We have a lot of guys here that call each other friends. It is close-knit group and you find yourself pulling for your teammates harder and doing the little things it takes to win.

Q-How do you like playing for the Diamondbacks, and how is it different from other teams you've played for?

A-Well, I love playing in Arizona. The fans have been great. They are learning the game right along with us as we continue to play more and more. I've played on a couple other teams. I played on the Indians and had the chance to go to the World Series, but I've never had the chance to play on a team that is tighter, as close- knit as this team is. This team is full of not only good ballplayers but great guys, on and off the field.

Q-Other than baseball, do you have any other interests?

A-I enjoy college football. This is my time of the year. Not only is it the end of the season, hopefully your team is in a pennant race and it makes it more exciting to come to the ballpark, but college football and pro football now that Cleveland has a team again. I'm a huge Nebraska Cornhuskers fan.

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