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Anderson reacts to being D-Backs' 1st pick

By David Hoye

Arizona Central

5 p.m., Nov. 18, 1997

A somewhat flustered Brian Anderson answered questions from reporters Tuesday afternoon, less an hour after being named the first expansion draft pick by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The 24-year-old left-handed pitcher, who just completed his first year with the Cleveland Indians, said he was a bit shocked to hear his name mentioned as the Diamondback's first pick, although he admitted he expected to be one of the top picks in Tuesday afternoon's draft.

"I was sitting still and I had a pulse rate of 150 - if that tells you anything," Anderson said during a telephone interview with reporters. "I knew I was high on the list. But until they call your name, you never really know."

Anderson, an Ohio native, said it was nice to play "at home" in Cleveland, and that "it was a definate shock to be leaving."

But Anderson, who has barely three years in Major League Baseball under his belt, said he was happy to be heading to Phoenix. "Everything I hear about Arizona is awesome," he said. "Everything is being done in a top-notch way."

Anderson said he didn't feel slighted that he was left unprotected by the Indians, a fact that left him open to being drafted by the Diamondbacks. "Cleveland had so many top players that they had to protect," he said. "I can't say I felt slighted."

During questioning by reporters, Anderson was asked whether he still might end up playing for Cleveland via a player trade after the draft. Anderson laughed, saying if that happened, "I'd have to tell somebody to make up their minds."

Minutes later, however, a Diamondbacks spokesman assured the crowd of reporters that there were no plans to trade Anderson.

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